Civil area

Since the 1980s, EFGM’s lawyers have assisted various insurance companies both in and out of court, with competence extended to all areas of civil and criminal liability, direct guarantees, technological risks, credit and sureties branch.


The team is equipped for the outsourcing of mass claims, as well as highly complex claims, activities already carried out in the past both by providing consultancy and extrajudicial assistance and by providing legal representation.


For this purpose, an IT system has been set up that allows customers to view the evolution of the positions entrusted in real-time.

In the civil field, EFGM has gained consolidated judicial experience in the matter of real rights, possession, enjoyment and related protection actions, having managed since 2006 on behalf of the Municipality of Naples the litigation concerning the municipal assets leased or occupied without a title.


EFGM also counts among its clients’ numerous private companies for which it carries out legal advice and assistance, taking care of the contractual part (regarding the procurement of supplies and services, agency and mandate, sponsorships, leases) as well as credit recovery.

EFGM has professionals specialized in family law, with experience both in the problems concerning the pathological moment of the marriage relationship, taking care of the tasks that lead to the separation of the spouses, as well as to the possible subsequent phase of divorce.


It also provides assistance and advice to the cohabitants in order to understand and apply the tools offered by l. 76/2016, including the possibility of drafting the so-called cohabitation contracts pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 50.


Specialized professionals use legal instruments to guarantee and protect minors in the family environment, aimed at protecting the minor in case of distorted use of parental responsibility and for the execution in their favour of the rulings made by the court in the event of separation and divorce.

The credit recovery activity carried out mainly in banking-credit matters throughout the national territory, has made to develop an in-depth knowledge of consumer credit of the main financial products (finalized loan, assignment of the fifth, revolving/revolving credit, leasing ) and all the problems in the field of litigation (compound interest, usury, identity theft, credit information systems, harassment of contractual clauses, reimbursement of commissions for early repayment).


Since 2010, EFGM’s lawyers have managed a significant NPL portfolio distributed throughout the country and include major financial and credit brokerage companies such as Intesa San Paolo Personal Finance, Neos Finance S.p.A., Moneta S.p.A., Creditech S.p.A., Amco S.p.A., Banca Apulia S.p.a., Apulia Prontoprestito S.p.A.

EFGM is the only interlocutor in the management of anomalous credit, able to follow the entire supply chain, from the out-of-court phase to the judicial phase, with a network of partners able to cover the entire national territory.


The approach to processing practices is “industrialized”: predefined processing processes, high processing capacity and the drastic reduction in the use of paper (document management), complete computerization in the management of procedures and full integration with the customer’s information systems.

A service company method is therefore added to the specificities of a law firm:

  • analysis and reports on the progress of the activity produced with an agreed frequency;
  • customization of credit management on the basis of specific customer needs; the cost of the legal recovery service on average significantly lower than that of the market, thanks to the high volumes managed and the operational efficiency achieved;
  • advantageous recovery fees with agreed debiting of recovery costs to the debtor;
  • commercial offer that provides for the joint definition of success fees to guarantee the effectiveness of the proposed service.


The organization of the law firm on a business-type model with a proven network of domiciliary lawyers throughout the national territory stems from the expertise gained by EFGM in tax collection, having managed since 2005 on behalf of collection agents (previously Gestline and Equitlaia SpA, today Agenzia Riscossione S.p.A.) for the regions of Campania, Puglia, Lazio, Lombardy, a very high number of executive and bankruptcy procedures, as well as disputes before the Ordinary and Tax Justice.