The so-called lean thinking, or lean thinking, represents an evolution of operational strategies, derived from the automotive world, and applied in different sectors, to eliminate waste.


To achieve the set goal, we aim at the immediate resolution of problems through the identification of value (the consumption of resources, of any kind, is justified only when aimed at producing value, otherwise it represents a waste) and the immediate focus of critical issues.


The centrality of the customer is the basis of the lean thinking philosophy: the needs of the same are met through the empowerment of professional resources for the improvement of the service rendered.


Inspired by this thinking, EFGM has brought together, within the same structure, highly specialized professionals with consolidated experience in the various sectors of civil, criminal and tax law.


This allows us to offer an integrated and coordinated multidisciplinary approach, able, also thanks to the contribution of structured external consultants, to embrace the most relevant legal issues, which may arise both for individuals, professionals, companies and public bodies.


The fundamental objective is the elimination of waste of time and economic resources by the customer.


The small size of the firm and the well-established daily work among professionals of different subjects represent the distinctive and characterizing element concerning the professional panorama, articulated or in hyper-specialized studies or aggregations formed by a large number of consultants.


EFGM intends to establish a direct and trustworthy relationship with the customer, but at the same time articulated and multinational which allows them to address the issues at 360 degrees, without having to resort to additional resources and waste energy.


The adoption of the lean concept makes EFGM ready to face the single traditional assignment, out-of-court or litigation, as well as to manage entire sectors of outsourced activities, passing through the establishment of flash teams dedicated to a specific project.