Criminal Area

Corporate criminal law and defence in the context of crimes against the Public Administration constitute the fulcrum of the defensive activity, both in the context of proceedings and as regards preventive advice.


The particular qualification of the team is ensured by the consolidated experience of the individual professionals dedicated to these fields, as well as by the contribution, including scientific, of Prof. Esq. Francesco Forzati, an associate of international criminal law, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Naples, Federico II.

EFGM offers legal assistance and out-of-court consultancy in order to assess any criminal profiles regarding tax and fiscal offences.

A particular subject of investigation in the experience of the Firm is the criminal relevance boundaries of avoidance, tax fraud complaints, also characterized by transnationality, disputes of corporate foreign-investing.

A further sector of activity is constituted by professional negligence and in general by negligent crimes, both in the medical field and by accident prevention violations, fires or disasters.

By integrating the criminal know-how with that of the specialists in civil liability and insurance law, the widest protection is obtained, also on a patrimonial level, for professionals, entrepreneurs and top figures of public and private structures.

Another sector concerns the complex issues of urban planning, construction and the environment, also in connection with the issues pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, both in the prodromal phase of the genesis of the criminal proceedings and in its pathological phase of the real constraints and of the procedure of merit.

The particular competence of EFGM professionals concerns the identification and treatment of all crimes against the person, in all their articulations.